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If You Tell The Children Anything - April 27

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

If you tell them anything,

tell them we

laughed all the time

went on adventures

loved doing nothing with each other

were ok with fighting

because we always made up

went to Italy, Canada, Paris

the laundromat, the grocery store

together always

Tell them we loved them

we met them where they were

and didn't mold them into things

they weren't

Tell them we made mistakes

we foundered

but we always found dry land

solid ground

because we never stopped moving

We made decisions

and if it was not the best choice

we made another

Tell them they always have choices.

The room they find themselves in always

has a door or a window

Never settle

Tell them they


have value

are all here for a reason

are part of the earth

connected to nature and faraway stars

were once part of stars

and carry pieces of the universe behind their eyes

Tell them they are cosmic poems

written by infinity and eternity

They are part of the fabric of it all

(Tell them to go with that.)

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